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First Day... Again

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

The First Day of School in our house came with high emotions for every member of our family this year.

Jude, just beginning Junior High, was both excited and nervous to be in a new school with unfamiliar classrooms, teachers, and routines, but also glad to be able to see his friends on a daily basis again.

Noah, despite acting quite hyper last night and this morning, kept insisting that he was NOT excited "because of all the WORK!"

Jabin was just plain ol' excited to see his friends again. He loves school.

Mom was excited, too. The last couple of weeks, listening to the boys quarrel, has been an endurance test for my sanity.

Jason, being part of the overworked tech department for a school division, looks forward to the First Day of School with the opposite of excitement. The day is likely to be a long string of calls and putting out fires, just like it always is. It's the day itself that is the endurance test for him.

Fortunately, it will all be over by tonight, honey. :-)

Levi was just excited to go to town this morning. (We took Noah and Jabin to school to help them get their supplies to their classrooms.) Then, he was excited to play outside. Now, he's excited to go on a walk with Mommy.

All his eggs in one basket. :-)

Yay! for fall routine.

What is special about your day today, friends?

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  1. So, this is my 3rd try at leaving a comment......is it working yet?

  2. Yes! It seems to be! Thanks for being persistent! :-)


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