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It seems strange to put an "About Me" page on this blog when really, the whole thing comes back to being ABOUT ME! Or maybe I'm the only one who finds it redundant?

Well, given that I have been writing at this address since 2006, sometimes quite prolifically, I will sum up for those just joining us.

This blog is all about things I love. (And a few things I'm annoyed about, but I really, really try to keep those to a minimum.) Firstly, there's God, without whom I'd have no breath. I thank him continually for all of the many other people and things I LOVE:

  • My wonderful husband, Jason. His love and encouragement has brought me far in my journey toward the person God is forming me into.
  • My four amazing boys--three that grew in my belly, and one that grew in my heart. Jude, Noah, Jabin, and Levi, I am so glad to be your mom.
  • Life as a hobby farmess.
  • My many, many interests. 
I feel abundantly blessed that the Lord gave me abilities, but even moreso that I was encouraged to pursue the few I showed early promise in, and imbued with a "I-can-be-anything-I-want-to-be" attitude from my parents.

Because of that, I now have a very diverse portfolio--I own several businesses that were borne out of my desire to contribute to our family and/or personal passions (such as healthy living, as is the case with teaching about essential oils.)

I also have many hobbies, which some twisted part of my always insists on turning into businesses, and among which I sometimes have difficulty choosing which to focus on--I have discovered that I only have enough space in my brain for two different kinds of creative outlets at once. This usually falls into two groups: intellectual creativity (composing, writing, scrapbooking, or the planning-and-development stages of a knitting pattern) and hands-on creativity (knitting usually tops this list, but I have recently made more time for sewing, and gardening is becoming a seasonal obsession. I dabble in other hobbies, too, which make their appearance here on occasion.)

Photography is a by-product of the rest, but one I find I am enjoying more as time goes by, I learn more about it, and also get better tools. (Love my DSLR!)

Beyond this, I also love to READ!

Last, but far from least, I love my "other kids"--the ones in the Faith Children Home orphanage in India, for which Jason and are the Canadian directors through Heart4Children Canada. You can read more about that on the "Be a Kid's Superhero" link above, or check out Heart4Children's website at www.heart4childrencanada.com.

I LOVE visitors, so please feel free to comment--I reply to everyone who talks nicely, like humans do. Trolls get sent to a dark corner to think about what they've done. :-)

So, Welcome, Friends! Grab your favourite mug, and let's hang out!

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